1. KK pork ribs 椒盐排骨

Stir-fried in hot wok with garlic, onion, chili, curry leaves, spring onion and pinch of salt


2. Coffee ribs 咖啡排骨

Coated in sweet and glossy coffee flavored sauce


3. Zhejiang ribs 浙江排骨

Coated with smoky flavored Chinese vinaigrette caramelized sauce


4. Mummy ribs 妈咪排骨

Coated with dark caramelized sauce and garnish with toasted sesame seeds


5. Sweet n sour pork 咕噜肉

Malaysian style…


6. Spicy Ribs 香辣排骨

Chinese style stewing ribs with bean paste, spices and chili


7. Bak kut teh 肉骨茶

Pork stewing with Chinese medicine herbs in chicken stock and toufu